An Attic Radiant Barrier Can Reduce Energy Bills – Tyler, TX

An Attic Radiant Barrier Can Reduce Energy Bills – Tyler, TX

Are you tired of paying high energy bills?  Does the onset of winter make you cringe?  The installation of an attic radiant barrier may be just the thing for you to face winter without fear!

Attic radiant barrier is designed to keep that cold weather from seeping into your home.  Insulation by itself cannot do what an attic radiant barrier can do.  

On a freezing wintery day, your house’s heat rises and is absorbed into your attic’s insulation. At the same time the colder and denser air settles into your insulation from above. Heat then moves to warm the colder insulation while at the same time the colder air continues to settle in lower.

With an attic radiant barrier placed on the attic floor(on top of your insulation), much of the heat radiated from the rooms below is reflected back down into the rooms. The radiant barrier also keeps the cold denser air from settling into your insulation, by acting as a thermal blanket, this keeps the cold air from settling into your house.

Watch this video to see how the attic radiant barrier installed by the best radiant barrier installer, Energy Improvements, has helped these Tyler, TX homeowners.


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