Where should attic radiant barrier be installed? Tyler, TX

Temperatures are dropping across the country as we approach Winter.  Are you ready for the East Texas cold?  With our attic radiant barrier you will enjoy more than lower energy bills this winter. Your home will be the warmest home on the block!

Where should an attic Radiant Barrier be installed?

There are a lot of different opinion, concerns, and questions on where and how to install the attic radiant barrier. Now we at Energy Improvements have been in business since 1989. We have put in tens of millions square feet of attic radiant barrier across the country.  The Department of Energy recognizes five different installation applications.

What application would give you the biggest savings?

The Reflective Installation Manufacturers Association, RIMA, teamed up with a prestigious scientist at the Florida Solar Energy Center and Texas A&M to discover the optimal installation method.  Out of the five methods researched the conclusion reads, “when the attic radiant barrier is placed on the studs, it not only reduces all the radiation exchange between the roof and fibrous insulation, but also between the walls and fibrous insulation, thereby increasing the resistance of the insulation system. Therefore, the reduction of heat flux is greater when the radiant barrier is placed on the attic floor studs”.   

At Energy Improvements we install attic radiant barrier with either the rafter installation or on top of the insulation method. Over 90% of our attic radiant barrier installations are on top of the traditional insulation. We not only recommend this method based off of research from top universities and organizations but we found by installing attic radiant barrier on the rafters, you lose the following benefits:

  • Fire Safety:  Unfortunately we have had 5 customers who have had various house fires since 1989. In every case the fire fighters and even insurance representatives have made huge statements how Energy Improvements Attic Radiant Barrier Shield has kept the fire from spreading. In a few cases, it has even helped save lives.
  • Lose Winter Benefit:  The warmer and lighter air will escape past the insulation and your warm attic. While at the same time the denser and cooler air will fall into your living space.
  • Damage Roof Shingles:  It has been shown rafter applications will heat your shingles and will keep them ten degrees warmer than the outside temperature. This has led to some shingle warranties being voided.
  • Proven Increased Savings: In multiple studies by RIMA it is shown that you will save more on your utility bills with the attic radiant barrier shield being installed on top of the insulation.
  • More Labor & Material: Finally, it takes more labor and material to do a rafter job and you lose the benefit of saving on your utility bills by paying for labor and materials.

Click here for a video on where to install your radiant barrrier

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