Metalized Radiant Barrier and Ducts

Radiant Barriers are more metalized than just straight aluminum like the older radiant barriers. The older radiant barriers were good and did and still do a wonderful job. But when the government gets involved in any industry, things can get complicated or more complex. And thats exactly what happened in the radiant barrier industry. The powers to be decided that the way the radiant barriers were fire tested and approved for code would need to change. So this moved the goal posts out further. The old barriers could not pass the new E84 AND E2599 fire tests. But the new exclusive Energy Improvement Shield Radiant Barrier does. It is the only radiant barrier on the market that has the code stamped on its material. So the homeowner knows what they are having installed. The new duct work in the attics are made of similar metalized material. Which is much better than the old insulated wrapped ducts. Call Energy Improvements to take out the guess work in having your radiant barrier installed at 800-256-5867.