Radiant Barrier Scam

What and who to believe in the industry of radiant barrier and reflective insulation. There is a lot of good, bad and ugly in the market place. Everyone has a story about their barrier product, their company, their application and the story go’s on and on. It can be a daunting task to get real information from a true representative of the industry. One use common sense when dealing with radiant barrier companies and or salesmen. If its to good to be true it normally is. Does the company have a good reputation, a good BBB rating, good reviews on line. Have they been around for a while and do they have satisfied customers they can point to. If these elements don’t check out then don’t listen to any fancy sales talk. You can never be to careful these days. The proof is in the pudding as it has been stated. Call Energy Improvements for your energy saving Radiant Barrier questions at 800-256-5867.