Energy Improvement Shield

Are you looking for a way to stay cool during the summer and save money?

Our Energy Improvement Shield will do that for you and more!

With the Energy Improvement Shield you will:
◾Reflect up to 95% of the radiant energy striking your home
◾Reduce electric and gas bills drastically year round
◾Increase the comfort level of your home
◾Increases the efficiency of A/C and Heating unit
◾Radiant Barrier is Maintenance free
◾Guaranteed for life
◾Never have to insulate your attic again!
◾Helps keep insect and rodent infestation down in your attic

Energy Improvements Radiant Barrier Energy Improvement Shield is the least expensive energy improvement you can make to your home!



Learn more about how Radiant Barrier Energy Improvement Shield works

Technical Specifications:

  • Mounting Method E2599
  • Specification ASTM E84-11
  • Flame Spread  of 5
  • Smoke developed 20
  • ASTM C1371
  • ASTM 2261 {tear strength} MD 26.94 lbs. TD 30.04 lbs.
  • Thickness 4.0 mills
  • Weight 28 lbs. / 1000 sq. ft.

Before & After Energy Improvement Shield

Check out this video to see the difference between before and after Energy Improvement Shield.