How it Works


How a Radiant Barrier works: He transfer three ways; Conduction, Convection and Radiant Heat Transfer. Conduction is heat transfer by a direct object like a pan on the stove. Only 5 to 7% of the heat transfer in our homes are by conduction. Convection is when heat rises which is up to 45% in the Winter and 0% in the summer. Radiant Heat is anything over zero degrees giving off heat from one object to the next object. Radiant Heat is 93% of the heat gain in the summer and up to 75% of the heat loss in the Winter. Conventional insulation, no matter the kind or depth only works with conduction and convection heat. Radiant Barrier blocks the radiant heat, either keeping the summer heat out or the winter heat in. It makes the insulation work better because the insulation is not getting saturated with heat.