OUR MISSION:To help homeowners reduce utility bills and make their homes more comfortable.

Welcome to Energy Improvements! We are the oldest Radiant Barrier Installer in the USA, doing business since 1989.

Ed Graves started Energy Improvements inc. in 1989. Prior to this business, he was in full time ministry. A friend in the church told Ed about radiant barriers and how it worked. Starting and running a business was the last thing on his mind. It started as part time work until he could find a ” real job”.


There was literally no information in the market place about radiant barriers. The information available was from NASA and a few universities that did testing experiments. The university of Mississippi, Texas A&M, Florida Solar Energy Center and TVA had published reports and studies.

With Energy Improvement’s Radiant Barrier Shield you will:

  • Reflect up to 95% of the radiant energy striking your home

  • Reduce electric and gas bills drastically year round

  • Increase the comfort level of your home

  • Increase the efficiency of A/C and Heating unit

  • Enjoy a Radiant Barrier that is Maintenance free & Guaranteed for Life

  • Never have to insulate your attic again!

  • Keep insect and rodent infestation down in your attic

Reduce electric and gas bills drastically year round

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Dear Mr Graves
“Since having Energy Improvements Radiant Barrier Shield installed in my home, I have noticed a sizeable reduction in my electric... Read More”