Before & After

This brief video shows the before and after pictures of the Energy Improvements Shield radiant barrier installed. Every job is a custom job; the heat shield is put in one piece at a time. Water heaters are wrapped with a double bubble type radiant barrier to keep the heat from escaping. Walk ways and decking are outlined with an orange striping paint to show where it is safe to walk and to be able to place personal storage. The barrier is very durable so it will not be damaged from walking on it or storing items on top.


The Energy barrier can be installed to the rafters or the floor joist. The floor joist method is the most widely used for several reasons. One the barrier will work in the winter as well as the summer. If it’s installed to the rafters, the winter benefit is negated.


The fire safety is another reason, though this is not the motivation for a radiant barrier to be installed, it has saved customers of Energy Improvements homes from burning down and even saved lives. If the shield is installed to the rafters, the shingles are heated up 8 to 12 degrees more which possible shortens the life and warranty of the roofing materials. Going to the rafters also takes more time, energy, material and money. So in short to install the Energy Improvement Shield Radiant Barrier to the rafters costs more money with a little less results and benefits. And as you can see in these pictures, we install our energy barrier in a lot of homes with the tech shield type of decking already in place. The tech shield has no air space so they are limited in how it performs and reflects.


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