Double Lifetime Warranty

Energy Improvement Shield Radiant Barrier Double Lifetime Warranty

At Energy Improvements, all of our products are backed by a DOUBLE Lifetime Warranty.  This means, it is under warranty the entire time you own your home AND it transfers to the next person that owns your home!

This is a better warranty than you will receive with ANY OTHER Radiant Barrier company and we are proud to offer it because we offer a high quality product that we know will last.  We believe in it and know that it works and want to offer our customers that same Peace of Mind!

You Can Trust Us – We are Certified!

certificate-2 certificate-3 certificate-4

A few years ago, building codes changed requiring E84-11 & E2599 Mounting Method. Many companies are not complying with these codes. However, you have no need to worry because Energy Improvements is always doing what is needed to comply with building codes. You are safe with us! We are proud to hold a Certificate of Verification from the International Energy Conservation Code.  This means that our product and installation passes the requirements for Energy Efficiency and meet all of the building codes.  Not all Radiant Barrier companies are – so before you choose your Radiant Barrier Company, check to see if they are certified as well.


Here are the details of the Certification:

In accordance with the International Energy Conservation Code product acceptance criteria for Reflective Foil Insulation (AC02), I.E.I. certifies that Energy Improvement Shield Radiant Barrier perforated meets all of the requirements in sections 3.2 and 3.4.


I.E.I. certifies that Energy Improvement Shield Radiant Barrier perforated meets all of the requirements of ASTM C1371 for sheet “Standard Specification for Sheet Radiant Barriers for Building Construction Applications”.


This certification is valid when Energy Improvement Shield Radiant Barrier perforated is installed in accordance with ASTM C-1158 “ Installation and Use of Radiant Barrier Systems (RBS) in Building Construction.  The performance of Energy Improvement Shield Radiant Barrier perforated will perform as specified when installed according to ASTM C-1158.


Passed the E84-11 and E2599 Mounting method test with a perfect flame spread of zero.

Test Data

Radiant Barrier has been tested and approved by the following agencies:

  • NASA
  • Texas A&M University
  • United States Testing Company
  • State of California
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Tennessee Technological University
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Building Officials and Code Administrators
  • International Conference of Building Officials
  • Southern Building Code Congress International
  • Metropolitan Dade County (FL) Building Code Compliance Dept.